Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Germany is leading the world in user friendly recycling. They make it simple and rewarding at the same time. Educated citizenry know the gratifying results of making their world a utopian green zone.
Nordhorn, Germany, a town of about 50,000, has three free to all composting/recycling centers managed and operated by the municipality. It is the responsibility of all the citizens to deliver their sorted vegetation material here. The reward and benefit is apparent everywhere here. Above; easy access to all the mulch you care to carry away and a dumpster for discarded metal are convenient.
More recycled gardening essentials are free for the taking with no restrictions on quantity; chipped wood and fully composted dirt ready to keep Germany naturally green and clean are in abundance.
User friendly community services like this rich composted dirt are a part of life here.
Here is another testimonial to a community that strives for a better life through community involved land management. Unwanted cement and ceramic is kept out of the regular garbage thus making the job of recycling easier. It is dutifully disposed of here and will ultimately find a good community use.
Tilman Stürmer, a Nordhorn resident, is one of the model citizens who helps make this facility into a perpetuating balance of nature and the world better. All do their part here.
This is a fine example of how rewarding the German recycling program is. Look in the background at the towering mountain of already composted vegetation that will soon be incorporated into a greener world made better by this German initiative.
The rest of the planet will have to run to catch up with Germany’s lead in environmentally friendly clean living.
Click the links below to see what can be done elsewhere and what John and Jane Grimsrud have done in lives that are almost as green as it gets. Their “drag and drop” composting and ecologically friendly home are easy and economical.


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