Wednesday, June 22, 2011

40 Days in Tulum

We just completed 40 days in Tulum.
We left Mérida to escape the record high temperatures and smoky air contamination, and found what we were looking for.
What we like about Tulum; fresh clean air, world class swimming beaches, food that is an eating extravaganza, friendly easy going people, fun things to do, an interesting variety of side trips and big city public transportation in a small town. As my wife Jane says, "Tulum is a lovely place to visit, but a hard place to leave". We are not going home until we feel like it and we don’t feel like it!
Note; A breath of fresh air; The dry draught stricken season on the Yucatán peninsula that lasts from the end of November until the first of June is broken by the arrival of the hurricane time of year. Welcome rain replenishes water reserves, extinguishes agricultural fires, cools and cleans the air and germinates dormant seeds sending Yucatán into a glorious explosion of vibrant flowering greenery…the balance of nature is restored. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Twenty-five years ago the sleepy little fishing village of Playa del Carmen had but one claim to fame. It was the ferry landing for Cozumel, 19 km. away in the Caribbean.
Today Playa has become a significant tourist destination with all varieties of accommodations ranging from five-star all inclusive to budget. A first time visitor may easily think that they are on Spain’s Costa del Sol.
By bus or colectivo taxi from Tulum, it is a forty-five minute ride on a four-lane highway with overpasses and access roads. No matter how you arrive you will arrive in the city center where all the action is.
The arch is the gateway to the Caribbean Sea where the ferry departs every hour.
Playa’s waterfront is lined with people friendly parks and tourist packed walking streets.
Warm crystal clear tropical waters and fresh clean trade winds are found here year-round. 
Seagrape trees offer heavenly shade along the beachfront parks.
Fresh locally produced papaya, mango and watermelon are sliced into juicy treats by Mayan ladies beautifully clothed in their colorfully adorned hand stitched huipil dresses.
Even off-season tourists crowd the downtown walking streets everywhere. Hawkers eagerly attempt to sell dive trips, jungle safaris, archeological excursions, Panama hats, jewelry, and more tourist impulse items than you could possibly stuff in your luggage.
Restaurants offer up all classes of food from fine dining to the neighborhood cocina economica where you can get stuffed on authentic Mexican food at bargain prices. 
Knickknacks are priced to sell and are a bargain compared to Cancun.
When you have had enough of this slice of paradise leaving town in any direction is easy. Colectivo taxis are great for short halls but the ADO bus terminal located downtown has frequent departures to all parts of Mexico and will even take you directly to the Cancun International Airport.

Playa is great but if you would like a hint of how beautiful it was twenty-five years ago, you will have to go to Tulum.
 Playa del Carmen 1961, left, Pablo Bush Romero, Luis González