Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brule River Forest and Lake Superior: Cloverland Anecdotes

This is a real life story from the shores of western Lake Superior that will bring laughter, a tear, and stimulate strong emotions.
Meet the people who spent their lifetimes on this frontier witnessing the Indian and voyager era surrender to lumberjack and timber barons as European immigrants flooded in conveyed by railroads and steamships. Then observe the rest of the story of those pioneers who built the American dream.
From the author’s archived personal correspondence and diaries, the foundation for this book was laid. It is laced with anecdotes and cynical humor that will carry the reader along at a pleasant pace.

Front cover:
Top: Casey’s Logging Camp, Brule, Wisconsin, 1901. 
Bottom: Martinsen Landing on the shore of Lake Superior, 1912.

 Just published, this book is available in paperback, digital, and large print editions.  
Note: the digital edition has a interactive table of contents, footnotes, and the font size can be easily changed to suit the reader.

Back Cover:
Top: The author’s grandmother is fourth from the left.  She is sitting with her friends on the west bank of the Brule River near the N.P. Johnson Bridge on County FF, 1920. [Cloverland, Wisconsin]
Bottom outside: The author and her sister Judy playing in the Brule River, 1947.
Bottom inside: The author’s grandfather, Axel Pearson, with his team of horses, 1920.