Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Six days of parades hypes Mérida into a frenzied state of merriment that culminates with the beginning of Lent. The main boulevard lined with bleachers finds eager participants camped out overnight to secure a front row seat. Food and beverage venders keep the crowd well fed along with copious quantities of beer and soft drinks.
In the above collage, left;  The parade route bleachers at dawn already filling with overnight campers, center; one of a dozen entertainment stages stacked high with mega speakers and a  banner that proclaims; “The hottest Carnival in Mexico!” ; right; one of hundreds of street venders hawking juices and snacks. 
The noise level of celebration sends trembling reverberations throughout the city and exuberant revelers put on exotic faces and provocative costumes.
Click here for a video and collage of more, “Faces of Carnival”.