Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sailing Beyond Lake Superior; A dreamboat becomes reality

In this collage of photos I sit at my drafting table and ponder the plan that will next become an inch-to-a-foot scale model used to loft the lines for the 46-foot finished vessel. 

The next photo is our wedding photo, then our sailing dinghy, and our dreamboat Dursmirg fully rigged and under way. Living out of the sea and off the land: 
Jane displays a flounder she caught and will prepare fresh from the sea. In the next photo I am blowing a conch horn, which is a sign of a seasoned Florida sailor, then our helm wheel, and a toast to a successful launch.

 Bottom photos: Our home designed and built multipurpose dinghy and Dursmirg, our floating home under sail. 

Read the rest of this story in Sailing Beyond Lake Superior: Travels of Dursmirg, available in paperback and digital editions worldwide.
Many a dreamboat has been scuttled by procrastination.

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